Our Services
Tarabut PR is passionate about proving itself. We take on new business after a period of careful research and only with the confidence that we can make a meaningful difference to your brand image and sales.

We are based in Dubai with our coverage extending over the entire GCC and the Levant.

What we are good at..
Securing regional coverage in English and Arabic.
Generating a buzz about our clients and their brands in the region.
Offering top-notch Arabic communications support, coming from native Arabic speakers on our team.
Organising innovative, high profile events of significant impact.
Providing multi-media and marketing opportunities and initiatives with strategic partners.
Creating strategic communications plans with clearly defined objectives, tactics, deliverables and results.
Delivering proactive media outreach and relationship building with key editors as well as quick and efficient responses to media requests.
Media-monitoring and monthly reporting.
Providing a highly personalised and impeccable client service.
Our services include:
Public Relations Strategy

We assist companies and organisations to remain leaders in their industry through strategic and aggressive marketing communications campaigns designed in perfect synergy with their business goals.

Tarabut PR can ensure every PR tactic connects to your goals – and we never lose sight of your objectives, deadlines and budget during any given campaign.

We take you through a step-by-step process in which we define your key messages, and refine these as anchors that provide the framework for your communications. It ensures that all your communications are spot on, always.

Positive editorial coverage reflects an endorsement by the media and millions of dollars worth of credibility. It requires excellent relations with reporters and editors of key media, along with messages that stand out in the crowd. At Tarabut PR, we give equal emphasis to both – the message and the medium.

A comprehensive and effective public relations campaign brings greater value when compared with traditional advertising. An advertising campaign similar in breadth and scope to the campaigns we orchestrate would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At Tarabut PR, we have the resources and experience to integrate your message into customised public relations campaigns.

Arabic Translation & Content Writing Services

Tarabut PR can translate all your communication collateral to effectively reach your selected Arabic speaking audience.

Our team includes the best Arabic communication specialists in the region. In addition to this, our team comprises senior journalists and writers who have the theoretical knowledge and practical experience in creative writing and editing in English and Arabic.

Our experience includes:
Editorial contributions – researching and writing features and articles.
Web content creation and development.
Creative writing for pamphlets, brochures, direct mail.
Newsletter creation for internal/customer updates.
Marketing communication materials.

Media Campaigns

At Tarabut PR, we have the experience, contacts, and resources to position your brand in the top tier media to be delivered to your audience in the most convincing fashion.

The accumulated experience of Tarabut PR in the Middle East means the agency can understand, anticipate and address the needs of the region's top English and Arabic journalists. The tools we provide them can see your brand being successfully promoted in their publications.

We enjoy and continue to enrich our relationships in the leading English and Arabic media built over the years by delivering relevant, timely content and a personal touch.

Crisis Communication

Crises can strike without warning. We can help you develop the appropriate strategy to allow you to respond swiftly to any crisis, large or small, through creating effective communications solutions. We will work with you to develop appropriate messages and then help you put a strategy in place.

We will help you identify the best methods to get the word out – through web postings, text messages, emails, letters, phone calls, traditional media, to name a few. We will also be with you to monitor the reaction and respond appropriately.


Events are an exciting and innovative way to communicate your message.

Whether it is a product launch or the announcement of a new service, we can design and implement creative events to make a powerful impact.

Social Media

Online social media is an increasingly important element of public relations. Especially in the Middle East, social media has firmly entrenched itself as a vehicle of positive change in the social and economic domains.

As home to one of the most dynamic and fast-growing youth populations in the world, the Middle East is an exciting ground for social media. We have a firm grasp on this ever-changing landscape and can help your brands engage with new media forms.